Parent Report Card Puts The Shoe On The Other Foot With Free Quiz


Parent Report Card Puts The Shoe On The Other Foot With Free Quiz is the hottest source for parents worried about their way of parenting. The website supplies a quiz to parents as well as a “report card” to class their interactions and method.

 Unfortunately, the response to that challenging question doesn’t ultimately come before the youngsters become adults. Surely there are hints like poor grades, acting out in college, and mood swings giving a heads to parents up nonetheless these issues could be linked to other pressures not brought on by adversity within the child-parent relationship. That said, without funds or time to see a child psychologist to obtain an expert opinion about how a parent’s child rearing technique is fairing it’s possible to believe they’re at a loss without a great resource. Fortunately a engaging and approachable website has waylaid that problem with a remedy. Now, provides a confidential quiz on the internet that gives concerned parents another opinion regarding their way of the main job in the world.

David Valderrama, CoFounder of said of the helpful website, “Parents often think it’s the school or the lack of community which causes issues. Our site implies with a few essential questions, to help frame the most important elements of parenting, that parents have to throughly understand their participation is the most successful springboard to a joyful child.”

The vital concerns Valderrama speaks of begin with one of utmost importance, “Do I treat my child with admiration?” This question is followed by a multiple choice answering system based on “Always”, “Most days”, Sometimes” and “Never” alternatives. As one progresses through the quiz it’s noticeable via questions like “Is my home a relaxed and nurturing environment?” and “Do I put aside time to spend with my kid?” that the site encourages the mainstays of child-rearing.

Parent Report Card was co founded by husband and wife team David and Stephanie Valderrama to bolster the ties between school, family and community. David Valderrama holds an MBA and Stephanie, presently a middle school teacher in Westmont, Illinois, has a degree in teaching.

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David Valderrama

Co Founder


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